A warm welcome to all visitors of the Wabisabi-Ceramics pages. It is our endeavor to combine the nature of the materials, the building process, the design of the surfaces and the kiln firing to an integral unit. Only if these four elements are perfectly matching each other, the result will be totally harmonious. The additional focus on the reduction to the essential (called WabiSabi in Japan) lets the true elegance of the ceramic arise.

Wabisabi-Ceramics is located in Germany (close to Heidelberg) and I will share my experience and knowledge on this site. Please also have a look at the community pages where you can find the latest news, experiments, events and discussions around ceramics and pottery.

In the forests over there
deep under the snow´s burden
has last night
a plum branch build flowers
(old Japanese poem)

All begins with an idea
The idea builds a shape
The shape results in a design

All beautiful things in live start with a good idea. Inspired by examples or the absence of such, I start to sketch my idea. Very often solely to not forget what came to my mind. Remarkably, these sketches already have many elements included, that are responsible for the later beauty and uniqueness of the new objects.

It needs an expert to build an object
And the fire to preserve it for eternity

The physical creation process starts always with a well prepared piece of clay. I work must of the time on the pottery wheel. The clay is centered on the wheel and brought into shape. Everything that cannot be generated out of the direct throwing process, needs to be added afterwards by deformation or attachments.

The real beauty is born
Living through the breath of fire  

Now finally I am able to see the real beauty of the ceramic and can decide, inasmuch my aesthetic and handcraft expectations have been fulfilled.
I am satisfied, when a beautiful ceramic piece is born, that can tell a consistent and especial aesthetic story.

Enjoy the unique beauty
Day after day, everyday

We humans seem to carry a lot of historical genetic information from former epochs with us. We love the elements of nature and the reduction to the essential and simple, whilst simultaneously our curiosity permanently expands our skill horizon. Basically, ceramic possesses its own fascination, maybe because it is formed from earth and burnt in fire. The question arises if ceramic be timeless due to its long existence.